In all the many political arguments I’ve had over the last few months, 99.9% of Trump supporters speak with ABSOLUTE certainty that Trump will win the upcoming election, and if he loses, it’s because of fraud.

Poor silly Trump Humpers. Shhhhh…it’ll be ok.

First, I will speak of nothing with ABSOLUTE certainty. That’s just tempting fate. Anything can happen and I’m not about to count on anything I expect to happen, especially with the way things are these days. However, Joe Biden’s chances are getting better every day. Donald Dumbfuck is his own worst enemy. Seriously, if he were trying to throw the election, I can’t imagine him doing anything differently. That speaks to the hubris of it all, his hubris, believing he CANNOT do anything wrong. Stop and think about that for a second.
If I had to pick one single thing I hate and distrust the most about Donald Trump is that- the man is utterly incapable of admitting he’s wrong. Someone who can’t admit they’re wrong is dangerous. I’m going to repeat that for posterity-

Someone who can’t admit they’re wrong is dangerous.

We learn from our mistakes, correct our behavior and ultimately improve. Or at least we should. But someone who doesn’t believe they make mistakes never learns, never corrects. That’s inhuman. Think about people like this you may have encountered through life, a boss, a neighbor, friend, or family. How did you feel about them? People who can’t admit being wrong may be the most insufferable people in the world. No one wants to deal with that! Now we have one in control of the entire fucking country. Look how he doubles down on every small, slight error he makes. I’m speaking from a place of authority here. I’ve made many colossally bad mistakes. Life gets messy and we blunder our way through the best we can. But you know what? I’ve tried my damnedest not to keep making the same mistakes. As a father, I’ve tried to teach my kids to admit when they’re wrong, learn from their mistakes and correct their path.
I guess when you’re born with the proverbial silver spoon in your mouth and inherit a fortune, you can just throw money at all your problems and hope they go away. Isn’t that pretty much Donald Trump’s life philosophy? Now it’s the national philosophy. How’s that working out?